Life's A Journey, May your Journey be Long!”


Who is Eydn?

  Soul bearing and oversharing is a beautiful fault of the  Soul Wonder Eydn. The emerging Houston, Tx singer-songwriter is on a mission to help us clear our hearts and our minds. As a self proclaimed church girl Eydn boasts in how Gospel music helped shape how she approaches a song foundation. She believes it should be healing, thought provoking, the friend thats always there when you need them; the one thing that can read your mind. Eydn got the opportunity to first show her God given talent at the tender age of 4 by leading songs in the church choir with peers much older than herself. As she grew, a love for R&B music grew with her. Daily hearing all the Greats on her Local station like Whitney, Sade, Luther, Anita, Mary J. and Erykah the influence was cemented. Eydn was a budding vocalist honing her craft when things took a turn in her teen years. She became a Mom at 15. Treading through her troubled years, dropping out of college and being a Mom she found her spark again as a vocalist. Which overtime landed her a spot as a support vocalist for maby Gospel music artist. Though challenging Eydn went on to record several Albums with Prominent Gospel acts as well as becoming a regular touring and session vocalist. “Working with Sacred music Artists You have to be all in on your spiritual journey because it translates on the record“ Eydn says. Having had so much life experience Eydn brings an unapologetic freshness to her genre steeped in spirituality and sensibility that all can enjoy.